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& Fun

See the Stars Under the Stars



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Open Lunch till Supper

Take-Out & Delivery

10:30 AM till 9:00 PM

Monday - Friday

Closed Saturday and Sunday


Movies will resume in March


Call for take out: 270 395 4660 ext 615

Offering delivery in the Calvert City area:

10 Minute radius from the Drive-In

Calvert City, Old Gilbertsville, Sharp, Little Cypress, Draffenville, Briensburg

Scale Rd as the southern boundary, West on Hwy 62 to Reidland,

West on Hwy 68 to County Line Rd, East on Hwy 68 to Moores Camp Hwy

And pickup points: I-24 Exit 31 @ Patties Inns and Suites and Cheers

Old Pepsi plant in Benton and Draffenville 5 Star





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